Yom Kippur 5779


NPO – Latin for nunc per os.  Nothing by mouth.

Show of hands – who here has ever been NPO in the hospital?  Lots of you, I see.

Another show of hands – how many of you were NPO and had no idea when they were going to let you eat again?  Ooooh, I was afraid of that.  Still lots of you.  Every evening the orders go in for all the surgical patients: “NPO after midnight.”  Read More

Gotta Start Somewhere

Rosh HaShanah 5779

Last year I wrote a holiday parody song for my office. We speak a dozen languages and observe half-a-dozen religions among us, and one thing quickly became apparent: there are an awful lot of different new years to celebrate: Chinese Lunar New Year. Nowruz. Rosh HaShanah. It all depends on where you decide to start – but you gotta start somewhere. Each new year marks the beginning of something different: trees, creation, the reign of the new king. Whatever you’re marking in time, you gotta start somewhere.

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