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Healing People, Not PatientsWhat if medical encounters were meetings of two human beings, together forming a covenant to achieve healing?

Inside the Book

Take a peek inside Healing People, Not Patients to see how you figure into the message.

For People

Being sick or getting well doesn’t define you – it’s one thing among many in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get healthcare that recognized that?

For Healers

You didn’t go into this line of work to be a “service provider.” You don’t hook up internet connections, you heal human beings. It’s time to reclaim that territory.

For Change

Whether you are a person struggling with an illness, or a healer struggling to help that person heal, the way things are in healthcare today doesn’t make it easy. What might the future look like?

Healers Who Listen

Come explore how you can be a part of the solution.


3,000 years of Jewish wisdom, 3,000 people seeking healing, and one nice Jewish doctor with messy, curly hair trying to use one to make sense of the other. Take two stone tablets and call me in the morning?

Losing, Loss and Living

Jesse James will forever live in infamy.

No, not that Jesse James.  He already lives in infamy.  I mean the tight end Jesse James, number 81 for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You know, the guy who caught the touchdown pass that finally put an end to Tom Brady’s decade-and-a-half dominance of the Steelers and cleared the way for a run to a seventh Lombardi Trophy.

At least for five minutes, he did.

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Visiting Maimonides

Monument at the grave of Moses Maimonides

If Moses Maimonides were alive today, what would he think of a doctor who visited his grave to seek inspiration?

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Who You Callin’ Riffraff

The following post was originally a “d’var Torah” (the proper Hebrew term for a sermon) I delivered to my congregation on June 2, 2018.  I’ve added some examples, removed others, and taken out many of the specific citations.  If you’re interested in reading the original, email me at weinkle@healerswholisten.com and I’d be happy to send you a copy.

Only in Israel.  During the 1999 Israeli elections, actress and singer Tiki Dayan, known prior to that point for several Shakespearean roles and as the narrator in a Hebrew-language production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, took the stage at an artists’ conference where Labor candidate Ehud Barak was scheduled to speak.  In her speech, Dayan used an epithet straight from the Torah to describe the supporters of Barak’s opponent, the once-and-future Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, calling them “asafsuf min ha shuk.”

“Riffraff from the marketplace.”

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