Archive January 1, 2019

First Podcast!

I’m very excited to announce that tomorrow, January 2, 2019, I will be the guest on the next episode of the Pitchwerks podcast, hosted by Pittsburgh’s own Scot MacTaggart. Scot and I discuss how being a “healer who listens” goes beyond just being customer service, whether honoring someone’s humanity means I can’t say “no” to a request, and what comes next now that Healing People, Not Patients is published. Please listen in, and thank Scot for me by liking and subscribing to the podcast, which features weekly interviews with people who are not only doing well, but doing good. Special thanks to my longtime friend Russell Goldstein for making this awesome connection.

UPDATE 1/2/19: The podcast episode is now live! Click here to download or listen online, and don’t forget to do Scot a solid and subscribe while you’re on the page.

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